Don’t Expect to Sleep When Your Baby Does.

It is one of the worst frauds perpetrated against new parents. You will hear the advice countless times: The best way to avoid sleep deprivation is to “sleep when your baby does.” But some babies just don’t sleep. Others just doze for an hour or so. You are more likely to find yourself spending baby’s down time doing everything else your continued existence requires, like paying bills and, oh yes, eating. By the time you’re ready to close your eyes, the baby is spitting up. You’re lucky if you get in one baby-sized nap a day.

It’s in the best interest of your own sanity and your loving relationships with other adults to acknowledge that the birth of a baby is a time of crisis. It’s a joyful time, but it is an utterly exhausting one. So know this now: Until your newborn figures out the difference between night and day there won’t be much difference between the two for you either.

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