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Rules for Parents, Nan Silver

Rules for Parents is based on the principle that parents don’t need to be perfect, just loving and strong. Whether your goal is to instill independence or a love of learning, to tame a tantrum or your own impatience, Rules for Parents offers quick and sensible tactics that really work. Filled with smart (and sometimes surprising) strategies for giving children from infancy to kindergarten a strong start — this warm and loving guide will help parents and kids “play by the rules.”..and win.

“When Nan Silver (coauthor of The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work) whipped herself into a prenatal panic (which goes something like, “What was I thinking? How can I possibly take care of this baby?), she ditched her stack of baby-care books and called her mother. Mom’s reassuring words provided the backbone–and rule number 1–for this hilarious but highly practical guide to commonsense parenting: “You Don’t Have to Be Perfect.” Readers will find compassion and candor in Silver’s nine engaging chapters, which offer practical, savvy advice on discipline, siblings, age-appropriate communication, and upholding the parental “couple.” Her premise is simple: neither a tyrant nor a doormat be. Drawing from her professional life as a journalist and her personal life as a mother, Silver compiles a sensible list of “rules” that blend both old and new parenting techniques. …Silver maintains a witty, conversational tone that makes for a quick and memorable read. This Mommy could do a mean stand-up routine.”
—Liane Thomas,



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